Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Teapot Party: The Call to Arms

First, if you will forgive me a shameless plug.

Willie Nelson's National Teapot Party

Indiana Teapot Party

I would like to address my fellow stoners in particular, because this issue is so dear to our hearts. I have some fundamental truths to spill here, and some of you are not going to like them, or me. That is O.K. But I want you to be aware of them, because We are on the same side, so no team killing please. Just listen a moment, if you will.

The Drug War is a very, very real war-and we are going to see more blood spilled before it is over, not less. The violence from our own government in the name of public health (and can anyone find the logic in that) is going to be nothing compared to the backlash from those who have staked their entire cash flow on an artificially inflated street price.

The men who profit from Drug Prohibition are dangerous, amoral criminals, and legalization alone is not going to make them go away. Rather, it is going to hurt them, badly, and in the only place they care about, their profit margin. They buy Mexican politicians with ease, and American politicians with perhaps slightly less ease. Such men do not surrender money and power easily. When we win this legal fight, and we will, there is going to be a backlash from men with nothing to lose and a literal army at their command.

Folks, there are going to be buckets of blood when this thing is done, and we need to tool the fuck up if we are going to make it stick.

Let me speak clearly here. I am talking about an armed, above ground, pro cannibis movement. I personally believe in the legalization and taxation of all substances with predictable effects to risk aware adults. But it will start with the sacred herb, and all to the good as that is my substance of choice.

The mainstream Tea Party is infamous for armed activism. As you can probably tell from the content of my blog, I am in the crazy gun nut faction. Let me share a private dream with you now. I hope you will take my message to heart.

The Republicans are making war on you. The Democrats are making war on you. And if you get them to stop murdering us all with a no knock warrant to stop you from inhaling a plant that is bad for your health, then the violence will instead come from men with no oversight committees, no pesky Bill of Rights, and no investment (or at least nominal obligation) to create a safe and civil environment.

I'm not going to blow you away with horror stories; you can find them yourself if you care to. But rest assured that we need to be ready to weather the storm, from both sides, and that means literal preparedness.

In time, I would be happy to post some basic preparedness information for the starting stoner. For now, examine such sites as Survivalblog to begin your journey.

In the end, all we drug users have had to rely on is ourselves and each other, as mainstream society will brush off our murders with a smug, knowing shake of their heads. We need to network and organize...and we need to arm ourselves and train, and make it known that our rights will be respected by all who would lie and murder for the right to trample them.

And let me tell you, you want some motherfucking press? 50, 100, 200 motherfuckers, armed to the teeth at a pro pot rally, smoking fat blunts and daring the police to arrest them.

What better place than here?
What better time than now?


  1. This is a true statement that we need to take in consideration. We need to as a group stand up for what we believe in and run with it.


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