Thursday, May 6, 2010

Night of the Living Stoners - Part II - Promo

Since god knows I haven't had any content besides old stories and random porn, I thought I'd throw this link I saw out on zombie squad. Finally, a zombie movie that panders to my demographic. They could have picked prettier stoners though. Ugly bastards. But then, that thars a mighty glass house I be firing 7.62x39s from.


  1. hmmm this looks like it could actual be worth watching...
    isn't "ugly bastards" a little harsh?
    after all that one zombie chick who was on screen for maybe 2 seconds was kinda hot

  2. I keed of course, strange anonymous friend. I am in no position to call anyone an ugly bastard as I am both not anyone's definition of a mega hottie and born out of wedlock.

    Definitely looks worth watching, though. Which begs the question, what model of bong is best for the zombie apocalypse?