Thursday, May 13, 2010

State of the Drug Culture Address: lawlwut? edition

So I wanted to talk a little bit about this story, the state of this country, and make my usual "State of the Drug Culture" address today.

In a nutshell, some folks were so pissed off about cancer patients legally smoking dope they decided that the logical solution was a molotov cocktail through the door. And hey, totally reasonable solution, if your brain happens to be wired like a 1950's PSA and there is a crossed wire between Reefer and Rape in your mental dictionary. I would throw a few molotovs to prevent the constant storm of rape that cancer patients and recreational cannibis users are committing right this second. Hell, even as I say this I'm getting a rimjob from a drug entranced white college freshman at broken bottle point while my hairy chums look on. No, seriously, you pricks, stop staring at me. Your eyes are creepy.

Where was I going with this?

Oh, yes. The apocalypse.

So anyway, if it is true that the two dominant ideologies in this country are incapable of coming to an accord through the legislative process, if we are staring down the barrel of what a not-insignificant percentage of the population thinks is going to be a civil war, life is going to be very interesting for those of us who attempt to flourish in the drug culture, which either ideology is happy to throw to the wolves.

And I have come to a reluctant conclusion. I really want to hope that the anger I see in society represents the potential for real change. The bitter cynic in me wants to keep snarking from my blog about how Sarah Palin is not worth fighting in the gutter for, but really-that isn't fair. It isn't fair and it is a bitch way out. If I am concerned with the leadership in the movement giving me the same old shit, I should be going there, to the rallies, to the meetings, to t3h internetz, and demanding my own shit. Because let me tell you, my drug using friends-our people are in bondage, right now. To hell with the social stigma, the molotov toting freaks-we are literally being executed because Daddy Knows Best, because mother fucking Drugs are Bad For Your Health, so we will come to your house and shoot you in the face to keep you off those dangerous drugs. It is not the various atrocities of the drug war that make these laws illogical and stupid; it is that we are shooting people in their faces for their own good.

It is the same problem as the health care bill. The same logic is followed. You Need Healthcare Because It Is Good, if you don't get it we arrest you, if you won't be arrested we will shoot you in your face. Because Healthcare is Good. But the sudden onset of the anger does gall me, I'm not going to lie-because my people, the recreational drug users who still hold jobs and pay taxes and support families (I know, some of you may not believe they exist-but that isn't the case, you just don't recognize them) are literally living under the very real consequences of tyranny and have been doing so for a long time. We didn't do anything because we've all grown up that way, living under the shadow of government sanctioned murder.

Now we have a group of people pissed off, for various reasons, some of them reasons that some of us were pissed off back in the last administration. I think too much of the focus is on the Big O, as if he were actually that important, as if he weren't just the latest in a series of cookie cutter choadivores in the party of Racially Sensetive Big Government Fascists as opposed to Terrified of Gays Big Government Fascists doing their best to expand their own power. It is not the conspiracy of one, it is the conspiracy of one hundred thousand, and more than that, the conspiracy we deserve, having duly voted for it and voted for it over and over. Now people are starting to realize that both ideologies have been wrong, maybe. And so if I want this whole movement to represent me, I need to get in there and start demanding my shit.

Because I want my people free, and I don't want need any fucking no-knock wetwork job to let me know that I shouldn't be inhaling the burning smoke of the wrong plant, that it is bad for my health. You know what else is bad for my health? Being assassinated with no warning. And this is the best vehicle for change we've got, even if a majority of the people don't necessarily think I am anything but a loon. And I can't fault them that, I'm probably crazy.

What was I saying?



  1. You make many good points in this entry, and now you've got me all excited.

  2. It's not about the drugs, it's about power.