Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sleep Deprived Conversation with Myself

Conversation with myself in the car today. Hour 47 awake. New Britany spears single comes on the radio.

Chris: I can't quite make this out, but I'm almost sure this song is endorsing group sex. And fuck you all, but it's actually quite catchy.
Chris: Catchy in the sense that it has the same hook playing on loop with an occasional verse thrown in. The entire structure of lyrics is being completely reversed here, and you're okay with it because its about threesomes?
Chris: Look, it's endorsing a treasured lifestyle practice of mine, give a nigga a break.
Chris: Fuck you, you sick weirdo, it's still the same bubblegum pop you hated when you were a teenager. You sellout.
Chris: Look, it's obvious what is happening here.
Chris: You're going nuts?
Chris: No, dumbass! Think of the social pressure-as the menage a trois becomes hip and trendy the world you are living in improves exponentially. Don't you see what this means? The world is finally conforming to your desires for it. Society is changing to suit your needs at last.
Chris: That is a reasonable and adequate explanation for this phenomenon, requiring no other.
Chris: I concur.
Chris: I say we spark up this doob.
Chris: In this, I also concur.


  1. Ha ha. I love that song, too. Also, I second the need for more threesomes.