Saturday, October 17, 2009

Partisan Politics, Gang Rape, and You

Asking a population to choose between Democratic and Republican rule is like deciding which dick is going to rape your mouth and which one is going to rape your asshole.

For too long in this country, we've had to decide between them, swapping one party out of the majority because we are pissed at what they did during their tenure, and voting in the other one that gets down to the sodomy as fast as they can slip on a rubber. We had 8 years of W telling us to be afraid and go along with "a few reasonable security precautions" (Read: Rape) to prevent terrorism, and we, as a nation, got so fed up with it that we voted in the big O, who is now pleading with us to go along with "A few common sense gun restrictions" (Read: Rape) to prevent terrorism. The only "Change" we got was the flavor of terrorist we were being 'protected' from. Big O hasn't repealed the Patriot Act, hasn't gotten the unlawfully detained fucks at Gitmo a fair trial, and hasn't stopped encouraging the Federal Reserve to print off more unbacked currency, hasn't really done anything to make you any more free than you were under the religious right fascist that preceded him-but his supporters are swallowing his load with gleeful fervor anyway, while babbling about how good it tastes compared to the Republican majority that preceded it. Both parties are still cashing their paychecks; both are still benefitting from the system of legalised bribery known as 'campaign contributions' and I bet that if the Republicans win the majority in 2010 they won't do a damned thing to undo any damage done by their predecessors.

Oh, they'll pass some new laws, perhaps even radical new laws. But I'm not interested in a politician that wants to pass laws anymore. I'm thinking its about time to start electing politicians that will repeal the laws that are unconstitutional, unenforcable and ridiculous. Call me a radical, but my asshole is starting to bleed and my jaw hurts like hell and all anybody can think to do is swap them out.

We're being spit roasted, played like a fucking accordion with the Reds pounding our backdoors while the Blues skull fuck our mouths and a partisan media diddles the keys. The only Change we can accomplish this way is making sure the dick raping our mouth tastes like shit.

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