Friday, October 9, 2009

Meet the Scumfuck

I'm not terribly good at introducing myself.

I'm a libertarian, survivalist, polyamorous, sexual deviant with a taste for fine literature across the high-to-low brow spectrum, scary looking semi automatic firearms, martial arts of the Filipino persuasion, pen and paper RPGs, violent movies, fat spliffs and large bong rips. I've had mostly the same friends since high school; when I accept someone into my circle, I keep them there for the long term. My greatest blessings are my friends (insane) family (insane) wife (insane, but high functioning thank God) and my daughter (so adorable its crazy).

I have a fascination with abandoned buildings, freak statistical outliers, self reliant people who are comfortable being outside of the mainstream, disgusting critters and cynical politics.

You could apply a million labels to me and I would make them all look bad. In general I don't like to play the name game. When people ask for my sexual orientation I put "Degenerate."

My dream is to live with two princesses in a castle built of rusty shipping containers, with a deep well and a good field of fire surrounding it.

I'm not exactly sure why I'm publicly blogging, except perhaps some weird lingering hope that someone out there shares my views, that the world can still see reason. I'm mostly going to blog about politics, guns, the travails of "Unicorn Hunting", the difficulties in setting up an autonomous survivalist "gulch" community, the always hilarious craziness of our World of Darkness Avatar campaign, and all the little things that I believe point out that we are experiencing mass social decay. I'll point out stupidity on both sides of the political aisle, particularly exquisite lesbian kissing scenes in movies, the threat of Zombie Apocalypse and the tenets on my cracker barrel philosphies and LSD addled religious beliefs.

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