Friday, June 21, 2013

In other news...

I have a case of the creeping awfuls so you get link snark today.

Apparently some voodoo witch doctor says Libertarianism is a fairy tale.

Oh, wait, a psychologist?

Same fucking difference.

Peter Corning, Ph.D.
Nice to see unbiased, fact based science.
How many people died of acute "Not-agreeing-with-the-State-ophrenia" due to your profession, you balding, sloppy joweled hack?  You live in academia, the biggest fairy tale of all, and you tell me my political ethos doesn't apply to the real world?  You wouldn't know the real world if it raped you, labeled you as undesirable, and stuck you in a gulag to freeze.

Suck my fairy tale dick.

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  1. As I say at work, this is a Lumberyard, not a Library, so tell me how you really feel.