Saturday, March 9, 2013

Grovelling Sniveling Driveling Horde... worship scaly overload.

I'm gonna present the following link on Reddit.

Don't be fooled by the name.  This is where the gun grabbers are making their stand on Reddit.  Call it the Reddit Front of the Gun Control "Conversation."

Look at their rules, their statements, the hoops you have to jump through just to see the actual hot posts.  Look at their stated purpose, how carefully they assure that they will have Reasoned Discourse and nothing else.  From their sidebar image:

"Because of an ongoing vote brigade by all the pro gun subreddits, all links will remain hidden until you do the following (Bullshit settings change instructions that any retard should be able to figure out on his own.)
THEY: (Referring to you, the gun owning public with an internet connection and an opinion) Dominate reddit and real life - 100,000+ Redditors - 300,000,000 Lobbying Budget - They own your politicians - They suffocate opposition.
WE: (Referring to the bold crusaders for "Reasonable" gun control) ...don't have any of that.  But we do have a sense of humor.  We own guns, but actually care about their impact.  So when they snap and go on a rampage, we say....GUNS ARE COOL.
Down vote brigaded since 12/22/12

Why do anti gunners hate democracy so much that half of their sidebar is devoted to how awful and unfair it is to be voted down?  Wah, wah, we have to debate in an unmoderated environment and we keep losing, wah, wah, the big bad NRA must be paying people to downvote.

Listen.  They are so fucking afraid of you that they have to hide their posts, hide their motivations, hide endlessly pissing themselves quietly in the dark of the internet and hope no one catches on.

It'll take a gunblogger with more clout than me to really open a front there, but I bet we could rout them entirely off reddit if they are this pitifully outmatched.  It's something I'd like to see.

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