Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Take a Walk on the Practical Side

So I've been hounding my lovely wife about doing some guest columns on this blog.  I'm pestering her to do a full review of the Excalibur dehydrator we purchased for some time.  She keeps waffling because she thinks she isn't creative, but you don't have to be that effin' creative to do a product review and I'm pretty sure she'll cave eventually.  I think her reasonable, practical perspective will create a valuable counterpunch to my adderall-and-mushroom fueled rabies rants.

I'm also going to harass her to do a weekly feature where she finds and posts links to bug out gear deals.  She is, of course, a Master-class bargain hunter, with an ear to the ground for the sweet bulk deal.  That would be a valuable feature in and of itself, but it also means she doesn't have to try to be creative, just post links to sweet deals that she may find while rummaging around the interweb.

Finally, I think a female perspective would be valuable on this blog because it would make me seem less like a violent misogynist nutjob.  The whole blog is (and will continue to be) written in locker room language, so I think she would provide a good contrast.  Hopefully I won't embarrass her too much talking blatantly about our sex life, but then again, she has better blackmail material on me than I have on her, so I don't anticipate it being a problem.

What do you all think?

1 comment:

  1. Bargains these days are excellent...sharing them is dangerous as they'll sell out quickly...
    Oh, hell.
    Sure, why not.

    Have her post them...especially if it's in the food variety.