Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Angry Cleaning

Full Disclosure: Today I have had several beers, two joints, and about half a bottle of Crown Royal in honor of the Bastard Alaskan's student loans being paid off.

I think my house would benefit if I drank alone more; when I drink alone I tend to get despondent and when I am despondent I clean.  (It sure beats spouse abuse...u c wot i did thar?)  In any case, it is a massive project to reclaim the ground lost since the storage unit got all eating-disordery on our crappy west side apartment.  I don't miss the bill, but goddamn I cannot see how I am going to make room for any reasonable project without doing a mass evacuation of shit.

The ideal finish to my addled weekend off is our dining room converted into food storage and processing.  It will free up our limited kitchen space, give us room to run another dehydrator, and get down to the nitty gritty of setting up our home made field rations project by allowing us to organize the results better.  But first I need to get rid of the boxes of crap that are stacked to the roof and free up the dining room enough that you can walk through it safely.

I'm going to have another shot, and then get productive.  Get back to work, you slackers.

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