Monday, August 6, 2012

Except in Multiverse Theory

You know, I don't really grok #YOLO.

Don't worry; I know what it means.  Definition here.

Functionally, it stands for You Only Live Once.  But suddenly I'm seeing it everywhere, from twitter hashtags to t-shirts.

The thing that bugs me is, "You Only Live Once" is an old saying.  And it has always meant the same thing as it does now.  So why is it trending so hard?  Just because of the cheeky acronym?  Or are we slowly becoming collectively aware that whatever passes for Western Civillization these days is, to use another trite stock phrase, taking a long walk off a short pier?  (#TALWOASP)   Are we having a resurgence in quasi-hedonist philosophy marked with twitter hashtags?  Am I thinking about this too much?

In any case, I plan on living at least two or three hundred times; you've met some of my multiverse incarnations on this blog before.  So yolo is clearly a phrase I can leave by the wayside.  My personal mantra of "Fuck all motherfuckers" (#FAMF) sounds a lot better to me.

1 comment:

  1. you will live forever

    till the day you are cooking in my pot