Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cut It Out, Goddamnit

Listen folks-you need to stop chest thumping about the healthcare bill.

If this is your line in the sand, then get to work.  The bill has already passed.  Remember what Kerodin  discusses here.

But the fact is that control of your body was already ceded to the .gov when our grandparents decided it was OK for the Feds to ban the use of certain psychoactive chemicals on account of their evilness.  Your fleshy meats stopped being sovreign territory a long time ago, and this bill is simply the logical extension of that line of statist thinking.

Is a stupid, bungled, overcomplicated atrocity that will harm the very industry it purports to reform?  Yeah, of that I have no doubt.

Will it actually increase healthcare costs by forcing everyone in healthcare to hire more and more compliance lawyer drones of the Mandarin class?  Duh.

Is it, when looked at objectively, an unconstitutional violation of your personal freedom?  You betcha.

But the only difference between the healthcare bill and drug prohibition is that there is a chance they might start killing your people instead of mine.  My people have been dying of "The Human Body As Public Property (For Your Own Good Of Course)" since they rolled out prohibition in the 20s.  It pisses me off, but I haven't popped the nuggets of any DEA agents yet...because popping DEA nuggets would not be a productive route to the changes I want to make.

At least, for now.

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