Wednesday, June 27, 2012

CBTT Plays Cassandra: Gunwalker Predictions

A lot of people are covering gunwalker right now and the invocation of Executive Privellege on the documents surrounding it.  I'm not going to bore you with the details-if you are reading this blog, you probably know most of them.  I'm just going to go all Cassandra of Troy here and make a couple of predictions.

#1: The Vanderbouegh fantasy doesn't happen; Gunwalker is NOT the scandal that delegitamizes this administration.  While the idea of one lone blogger breaking a scandal that brings a sitting POTUS down is a powerful one, that just isn't going to happen.  Like it or not, the Old Media Industrial Complex is circling the wagons here and protecting their investment.
#2: After a long period of partisan haggling, the GOP succeeds in getting Justice to produce documentation's TURR'RISTS!  W invoked EP for the same reason several times, citing a danger to personnel in the field.  Maybe legit, maybe not-which is the tricky thing about EP.  While Gunwalker likely had nothing to do with terrorists, some post dated documentation wouldn't be hard to fabricate.  There are some suspected links between Hezbollah and various Mexican cartels-but the important thing is that most brain dead mouth breathers in TV land hear the term 'TURR'RISM' and start bleating like sheep demanding that we take more of their money and freedom.
#3: The whole thing blows over just in time for the election, with bloggers once more relegated to Tinfoil Hat territory.  Maybe another AWB goes through after the election, maybe not-but more importantly people will only snicker at anything they didn't see on their cable news propaganda ticker.
#4: The Drug War marches on over the broken bodies of anyone who dissents.
#5: Rachael Maddow continues to be a cunt.

This will be the last thing I post about Gunwalker.  The legitimacy of  this government has never been in question for me.  They've been killing my people too long.

Get to work, mother fuckers.  I'd rather most of you survive.


  1. The interesting part is that the documents which are being withheld are not directly related to the operation itself, but rather to the coverup in the executive branch.


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