Sunday, May 6, 2012

Updates & Shit

Oh, herro dere.

My blogging and writing have ground to a standstill lately, either through a case of writer's block or some worldwide conspiracy against me (leaning towards the latter) and this is what you get in the meantime.

I've been one busy son of a bitch lately, trying to kick up my preps into high gear.  I've been running three days a week and hiking at least one, though some of those hikes are just jaunts along the train tracks with Gracie.  Surprisingly, my knees have held up pretty well; I'm rocking dual knee braces and they help a lot.  Cardio has never been my strength, but I am making a deliberate attempt to improve it in the hopes that everyone else will follow suit.

I finished adding doohickeys to the BCS chest rig.  The fucker is actually complete now minus the FAK, which is on there but mostly empty.  I'll probably have to drop another Hamilton on that before I'm done; I plan on it being larger and more comprehensive than the average IFAK.  My BOB is in a shocking state of affairs, having been cannabalized for parts, but bugging out is actually the least of my worries right now so I'm not stressing over it.

I had to reschedule my rifle class but as a consequence I'm taking a different course in September that is more suited to my temperment and skill level.  Still haven't gotten out to shoot this spring; I'm thinking I may rectify that real soon.  I really want to work on my pistol craft but I don't plan on taking a class until I can afford some private tuition; I'm just really awful with a pistol and I don't carry one for self defense, opting for my baton 99% of the time.  (I know, I know, it's not a gun-but it is the weapon I have logged the most training hours on.)

Looking forward to the Hoosier patcom.  I really want to meet some of you sick bastards; you sound like people with a lot of interesting stories to tell.  I hope to make some new friends and network some allies for our tribe, as well as present my Sexy Scumfuck Action Items list.

Gracie has been singing about Manatees lately.  Apparently Hank III appears on a kid's song by a guy called Farmer Jason.  The CD (Nature Jams) is on zune so we've been listening to it a lot, and Gracie is always asking for that song.  Speaking of Hurricane Gracie, she has gotten in trouble at school for drawing pictures of zombies and pirates that scare the other kids.

I couldn't be more proud.


  1. You tried that tentacle wrap yet?

    1. I have not, though I eye-humped one at the sporting goods store.

      Lately I've been too busy fiddling around with my ZOMG rig to work on the low key rig. Less productive, but damned if it isn't a shitload of fun.

    2. For less than two sawbucks, why not stop eye-humping and just get the damn thing? Then you can wrap it around your weapon and fondle to your heart's content!

  2. "Speaking of Hurricane Gracie, she has gotten in trouble at school for drawing pictures of zombies and pirates that scare the other kids."

    Well then, nice to know my little niece is on the right track...

  3. is it true on some remote islands the indigenous personal pray for the return of scumfuck???

    1. I would argue that they live in mortal fear of that day.

      At least if the ungrateful swine know what's good for them.

  4. Cardio sucks, no way around it. A little advice from someone who has to do it every fucking day:

    -Distance running and really any other forms of long drawn out aerobic waste of time for the most part. It's really not even often in a combat zone do you haven to run 5 miles straight? Pretty much never. How often do you have to make short, balls out rushes? Pretty much every time. Not saying don't run for distance but any further than 3 miles is a huge waste of time and your to focus on running miles, 880s, 440s, suicides...etc. Shorter distance means you can put out more, and the more you put into it the more you get out of it.

    -Running in boots will fucking destroy your lower legs, do it sparingly if at all.

    -Other shit to do besides just run, like burpees, box jumps, weighted that shit in for sure.

    Honestly I hate to give the Corps any credit for anything but the CFT is an outstanding measure of just what the name suggests...if you want a really good way to get your group more into fitness, get a couple of standard. 50 cal size ammo cans, cones, tape, and a dummy grenade and have everyone run through it...would be a great wakeup call.

    Hope this helps, and remember that that feeling that your lungs are bleeding and you're going to shit yourself is perfectly normal and a good thing :)

  5. bumfuck want2bes ran in boondockers many many clicks over the beach sand on the western shore,all in search of loose shoes and tight trim.