Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lube & Tasers

Caught this piece from Parabarbarian.

A gay Indiana teen whose mother gave him a stun gun to defend himself against bullies is facing expulsion for bringing the weapon to school and reportedly firing it into the air. 
The hell of it is, as I look at the way schools respond to bullying in the modern age, I see them creating every single possible thoughtcrime, showing a marked pattern of hostility towards self defense, and continuing to fail to prevent bullying.  And even unarmed, you can't fight back anymore-they punish both of you the same.

Bullying is as old as childhood itself, though it doesn't end there.  In the end, the only response to bullying is a good hard ball stomping, because bullying is an expression of cowardice and insecurity and nothing deters it like the possibility of ball stomping.

It actually puts me in mind of two gay guys I knew in my hometown of New Dunwich.  They were big butch motherfuckers in a small redneck town, yet because they were big butch motherfuckers who made it clear they wouldn't take no shit, they rarely got fucked with.  The solution is simple and has been here the whole time if we care to look at it.  But no, instead we make focus groups and talk about the bully's broken home or
violent video games or rap music-and we fucking suspend the victim if he fights back.  Oh, and we tell him he shouldn't act so gay.

Larry Yarrell, the school’s principal, told the Star that he suggested to Young to “tone down” the flamboyant accessories he was wearing to school. 


  1. In schools these days, every effort is made to sweep bullying under the rug the same way bad grades are. I mean, it looks everyone look bad, so why let that happen when you can just hide the statistics. Forget the stigmatism against snitching- the victims know that asking for help is worse than useless. It's counterproductive. They know that if they tell an adult that they are getting beaten daily because of their sexuality, or hell, just because, policy is that someone gets a talking to. Great. Now, once the school bell rings and the teachers no longer have any authority, that means everything gets much, much worse. People tend to forget that bullies are pack animals, and they don't single out people that generally have the capacity to fight back. I wonder if someday when they finally get around to doing a study of teen suicide and school shootings, they correlate that with 'yeah, he got picked on some, but he was weird'.

    Oh wait, the Secret Service already did a study that said more than two third of kids who shot up their classmates were bullied. Gee. Go figure. You make people powerless to defend themselves, and they find a way to push back or bail.

    Sorry, man. I get really, really bent out of shape about the subject.

  2. My boy got a dressing down from his teacher for fighting back against a bully. She gave me the speech about telling my boy not to fight and then stood there dumbfounded when I said "sorry, but that's not gonna happen".
    He knows that he can fight back and I'll support him 100 percent.
    Home invasions, rapes and murders happen every day to people who were taught that "violence will never be solved by more violence".
    Men of the world know better...