Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sayings from the Codex Kalachnikova

So I sat down and read the completed manuscript to Codex Kalachnikova: The Scum Lord last night. It is what it is, still-blatant cheese-but I actually found it readable, so that must be a good sign. Or do all good writers never read their own shit? Anyway, I have collected the sayings from the Codex Kalachnikova-the iron clad law of the Scum Lord's tribe-and thought you sick fucks might enjoy hearing them. Some of them are cribbed from contemporary sources, though often distorted, and some of them are just shit I made up.

Note that the Codex Kalachnikova is different from the other two distinct codexes-the Codex Bushido and the Codex Hippocratis.

Here goes:

"Above all else, survive."
"No weapon has ever neutralized what the eye never saw."
"There are no dangerous weapons, only dangerous men."
"All true authority derives from the power of life or death."
"I must, so I shall."
"Desperation can serve for courage, to the rabbit in the blocked run. For there to be courage, there must be choice."
"The greatest danger to a species is not failure, but excessive success."
"Favor the oblique angle, always-but if there is no oblique angle, a fast enough rush from head on can still be enough to throw the enemy's balance."
"He who would have you surrender your arms is attempting something you could prevent by their usage."
"Judge men by what they are, not what you wish them to be."
"There is no advantage to fighting a battle that is poorly chosen."
"All others will ask a price for you, in coin, blood or flesh. The advantage in this is that every man has his price, one way or another-and you can move him if you are willing to pay."
"Savagery for it's own sake is a sin, but even savagery has a place in the arsenal. Sometimes savagery alone is the difference between victor and victim."
"Show no weakness, for it is always your weakest point they will attack."
"To steal the resources of your enemy is to deny him and enrich yourself. You will find few trades this beneficial in war or peace."
"Lacking a willing conspirator among your enemies, incompetence in their ranks will usually suffice."
"There is no honor in sacrifice without victory; die if you must, but always win."
"Knife to a gun fight, pistol to a rifle fight, be sure to pack shovel & shroud."
"A warrior cannot be afraid of corpses, any more than a cobbler can be afraid of shoes."
"All warfare is deception; lies are the bullets of lords."
"There is no such thing as a free lunch."
"Fancy gear will not save a fool, but it will ease the wise man's life considerably."

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