Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Post Bugout AAR #2: Gearwhore Edition

So if you are wondering how I held up, well, not that great.  I need more cardio, which has been the mantra of every past bugout for every member every time.  I'm starting couch to 5k tomorrow (finally got my knee braces) so that should help out a bit.

However, that isn't what you came here for, is it?  You came here for the gear reviews.  (And if you come here for the Disney Sex, be sure to check back for Femslash Friday...ya fuckin' pervs, you know I love you.)

Item #1: My Ninja Pants.  The pants themselves are Tru Spec 24/7 Series tactikewl pants.  I got my first pair about two months ago and wore them every day until the day of the bugout as the first part of the test; they held up well to the everyday abuses, particularly with regard to spills and hot bong ashes.  This is actually pretty normal as far as how I wear my pants; I hate doing laundry and changing shit out of my pockets so I tend to wear the same pants for long periods.  On the bugout itself, they performed up to spec in every way.  The poly/cotton ripstop material is thick and the stitching is damn near bomb proof; I didn't have a single stitch come loose during daily wear or the stress of the bugout.  I'm not going back to BDU's or regular pants; I'll be that dude wearing tac pants all the time, I don't give a fuck.  Coincidentally, they are on sale @ USCAV for dirt cheap; I ended up ordering five more pairs and several of the other guys are buying them on my endorsement.
The Verdict: The Motherfuckin' tits.  Plenty of pocket space, rugged as fuck, comfortable, sturdy design.  A+

Item #2: The Woodman's Pal.  Not that the Woodman's pal needs my endorsement, but let me tell you-we put that fucker through it's paces this time.  It chops like something twice as large as it is, and after two bugouts including this one where it was my only chopping tool, there isn't even a mark on the finish.  I wish there was a way to pad the handle a little bit; I was numb to the shoulder after some of the chopping, but basically the thing goes on and on and doesn't quit until long after I do.  I will say, upon ordering the leather sheath, that it blows the cheapie nylon sheath out of the water.  I don't even know why that thing ships with the nylon sheath; it is a piece of shit and detracts from the otherwise sterling quality of the product.
The Verdict: Great tool, lovely old school design.  Much more secure with the leather sheath.  Also, purely sexy.  A- because the stock sheath is terrible.

Item #3: East German Surplus Poncho & 80's era surplus USGI Liner.  These are the only dedicated prep items I bought for the bugout.  As I've said before, I'm trying to avoid buying cheap shit, but I make exceptions for items like ponchos that are basically impossible to fuck up.  It never rained, so I can't speak to the waterproofing qualities.  But they rolled up together in a nice tight bedroll, the poncho liner is nice and warm and probably good for about 3 seasons in indiana with a good fire, and they were about fifteen bucks apiece so the price was right.  They weighed in a little on the heavy side compared to the latest and greatest woobie, but they were certainly adequate for my purposes.  The snaps and grommets on the poncho held up well to the high winds when I built my shelter, and made building it a breeze.  And that poncho liner actually made a pretty good sleeping pad; I was pretty comfortable the whole time with it.
The Verdict: Cheap, heavy but built tough and packs up pretty small.  Adequately comfortable for bugout camping.  B, mostly because I just hate that East German baby puke green; it doesn't work with Indiana foliage that well.

Well, that's about all I've got with regard to my gear.  The final bugout AAR will be a matter of philosophy.  Stay tuned.


  1. I wonder if a Hogue grip would fit the woodsman's pal? If not, there's always tennis racket wrap, I'm sure they sell that in tactical colors like pink.

  2. Dude, you should thank your lucky stars I read your blog, because I am about to solve your Woodsman's Pal problem.

    Back when I started getting into prepping, I discovered that a Limbsaver Tentacle Wrap -- which was originally meant to wrap around a hunting bow -- worked great on my similarly ill-padded Cold Steel Kukri Machete.

    Since then, Limbsaver has come out with a wrap specifically for baseball bats, which is less expensive and probably works better for your purposes. And at $13, what's the harm in giving it a try?

    Let me know how it works!

    1. Oh, I do thank my lucky stars for that...but I think they are Cthulhu stars. Ia Ia!

      That is a pretty good idea, though. I'ma have to get me one of those and give it a whirl.