Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pimping and Stuff

If you linked me or blogrolled me and I haven't reciprocated, let me know. I don't always catch everything in the stat meter because I am, as The Bastard Alaskan would so kindly put it, a stoner waste of skin.

Speaking of the Bastard Alaskan, he drops some knowledge in this post. The reading comes at a time when it has become painfully relevant again.

Via Kerodin I caught wind of this bit: Neo Nazis On Patrol in Florida. That fits the fucking race war narrative perfectly. Remember these skinhead fucks are not our friends, even when they agree with us-and this is going to create more problems than it solves. How much press would this have gotten if it was a hispanic rights group patrolling instead? Do you think they know Zimmerman is a Hispanic Democrat?

If you are on Facebook, check out Punk Rock Libertarians and Punk Rock Homesteading. It has become pretty common for me to share every damn thing they post, so I thought I'd pass the link along. Remember, Tribe is where you find it.

Oh, and I got a trackback from a site I won't link here with some snarky commentary about my Unicorn Hunting post. The principal concern of the Pissants For the Ethical Treatment of Unicorns is the concept of "couples privilege." Folks, when you have to invent a new term to showcase your victimhood, there is no meaningful way to for us to communicate. We no longer speak the same language. Jah blessings on you, you strange sad creature.

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