Sunday, April 29, 2012

Oh Noes, Not Another Writing Project

Yeah, I started another writing project in an official capacity.

With Last Call, Last Stand finished, I wanted to keep a story thread on ZS alive for the most practical reason: the more people on that forum who like my shit, the more people will eventually buy Codex when I finally get it cleaned up and submission ready.

I wasn't sure if The Crystal Menage could drive a narrative; I'm still not sure.  I'm encountering a few hurdles, perhaps the most striking of which is that I know nothing about Private Detective work.  I'm fudging it a little by making this a particularly shady private detective (I know all about being a shady character) but I feel like the story is going to showcase my lack of knowledge at some point.

Still, TCM has been a fun story to work on.  I'm enjoying writing the current chapter but am hung up on describing one of my favorite sensations-the smell of two girls having sex.  I feel like I could wax poetic on it for days but when it comes right down to it I'm having trouble getting the point across.  I'm also striving to shatter a standard American Fiction trope-that is to say, when you get married, the story ends and the credits roll.  Our (as yet unnamed) Hero is happily married, albeit in a quasi open marriage, but he and Carmen will still manage to have plenty of adventures.

I'm also moderately concerned that this is the story that is going to get me banned from ZS.  Not that the Fiction forum is heavily moderated or anything, but I have a feeling that my post is going to get flagged by some deeply offended busybody and I'm going to have an ideological battle on my hands.  I don't need or want an ideological forum battle; if they ask me to take down the story I will, and post it here on the blog instead.

Anyway, the thread is here if you are intrigued by the concept-and you know you are, ya fuckin' pervert.

(Shhh, know Daddy loves you.)

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