Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Can't Talk, Bugged Out

Going on our bushcraft bugout with the Tribe.

Good solid group of 4 going, including a stray we picked up recently. Minimal kit-buttpack, water bottle, one large blade. Forecast is cool with scattered showers.

At the end of a 14 day stretch at work with no days off. No sleep. (And my #2 is coming off a 7 day stretch of 12 hour shifts, and the new guy just got back from drill in the USMC.) Using the stress and exhaustion to simulate real conditions. Leaving bright and early after taking the Spawn to school in the morning.

I should return on the 20th with all kinds of new stories and maybe some gear reviews for my new shit. So look forward to that, America.

Don't let the whole fucking thing collapse while I'm gone, OK?

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