Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Perils of Pathfinder: Meet the PC's

Character concepts are nebulous at this point and character generation is going slow. Every time I pick up the book to work on someone's character with them I get blindsided with something that changed but I didn't account for; damned if the market is not screaming for a full feature Character Generator.

Anyway, my PC's are starting out at 4th level for most and 5th level for those who earn it via a stellar character background so they are competing to come up with backgrounds worthy of a little sumpin' sumpin' in the XP front. I thought I'd run these character backgrounds by you folks for posterity so when I talk about the campaign later it will be comprehensible instead of the usual Scumfuck adderall fueled babble. I'll edit this post and add them as I recieve them and maybe post a poll to see who T3h Internetz thinks should take the prize.

Dungeon Master's Note: The setting is generic fantasy, low magic. None of the characters have names yet but a few have gimmicks. I will refer to the player name during this post until I get character names.

1. Amanda's Character, a CG Centaur Bard. Kicked out of her tribe for her lesbian tryst with an elf trader (who was subsequently trampled to death by the tribe) she makes a living singing for her supper and doing some treasure hunting on the side.
2. Jared's Character, a CN Human Barbarian. A survivor of the massacre of his coastal village, wielding a family heirloom shield as both weapon and defense. From distant lands and therefore rather awkward but not stupid. Currently tenously paired up with Eric's rogue in a sort of Fritz Leiber kind of duo.
3. Dustin's Character, a NG Human Wizard. For some reason he rolled a really good strength score, so what we have here is your basic bodybuilding wizard with a greatmace. I haven't gotten a background from Dustin yet but just from what I know already, it's gonna be a whopper.
4. Eric's Character, a TN Half Elven Rogue. Eric always plays the sneaky character but he is kind of branching out into the swashbuckler role with this rogue, with minimal stealth abilities and lots of acrobatic type shit. No background submitted yet.
5. Lindsey's Character, a CG Half Elven Sorceress. No background or details submitted yet.
6. Alex's Character, a Human Ranger I think. No background or details submitted yet.
7. Paula's Character, a N Gnome Druid. No background submitted yet but it has come up in conversation that her animal companion is a Monty Python Rabbit.
8. Austin's Character, a CN Human Fighter. No background or details available yet.

If this seems like a large, redundant group, well, that's because it is. Attendance usually runs at about 60% for each session so we are going to have characters swapping in and out a lot. It's cool; we are all adults who have lives and jobs and drug habits and shit, so I don't make a big deal out of it and this is almost the ideal campaign for it as it is a simple dungeon crawl with minimal storyline continuity. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with; again, a lot of them are getting their first exposure to D&D without much indoctrination into the culture, so it will be cool to see their fresh perspective on the genre.


  1. Centaur PCs in Pathfinder? Last I checked they weren't a playable race. Where are you getting their stats from?

    1. We're just using a custom template based off one we found on google. I'm modifying it slightly to rein in the ECL


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