Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Coffee Day

Let me clarify by saying I really don't drink coffee. I don't really like regular working stiff coffee slung over a sticky counter by tired eyed waitresses and I don't really like fancy eye-talian coffee slung over a glass pie case by chirpy young college graduates. I'm just not a coffee guy; when I need to stay awake I chug Mountain Dew and maybe snort an adderall. But today, on Valentines Day, I'm going to take Amanda and Gracie out on a classy date for some coffee at Starbucks, and you should too.

Why? Because fuck CSGV, god damnit. Fuck CSGV, NGVAC, MAIG, etc. Fuck 'em. Fuck 'em right in their lying face holes.

I find it sad that we, American gun owners, have to applaud a company for doing nothing more than adhering to the law as written instead of holding out for actual support, and I find it sad that the tattered pack of loudly roaring mice which comprises our opposition has any bearing at all on the policy of private companies. But you know what they say-money talks, bullshit walks, and if even half the gun owners who promised their support to starbucks on V-day come out to buy a cup of coffee, we can get their attention with something that really makes a difference in policy-record motherfucking profits.

In conclusion, Buy Starbucks, God Bless America and Fuck Dennis Hennigan. I think that covers everything I want to say today.

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