Saturday, September 3, 2011

Daddy and Gracie Day

Today, Saturday, is Daddy and Gracie day.

We are doing well enough that Manda only works on Saturdays. I think at least half of it is that she likes getting out of the house and into society once a week, but we also get a lot of free groceries, a little extra money and, of course, Daddy and Gracie day.

Today's events are reduced; usually we go over to a friend's house so she can play with their kids, but they are at a funeral. And we usually drop by and see Mommy at work and then walk along the B line for awhile. She loves seeing the sights around town; decorative limestone and flowers are some of her favorite things. But today it is officially Too Goddamn Hot For September and so we are cancelling that as well. The only thing we're doing today is eating chocolate toast and watching UFC. Later, we'll go on our usual classy date to Mcdonald's.

Gonna be a good day, motherfuckers.

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