Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Members of the Criminal & Corrections Subcommittee

These are the people you need to contact on SB192/SR70.

Sen. John Waterman (R, 39th District) - Chairman
Sen. Richard Bray (R, 37th District)
Sen. Susan Glick (R, 17th District)
Sen. Jim Tomes (R, 49th District)
Sen. Lindel Hume (D, 48th District)
Sen. Greg Taylor (D, 33rd District)

It is most effective to contact a state senator if you live in his or her district-they are small fish and they want your vote. We need to be up these people's asses like a proctologist.

Just in case you think this is going to be an easy battle, note that on Waterman's press page that they aren't even done banning stuff yet. You know, I've never tried salvia. And that faux weed stuff doesn't get me even a little high, but it does kind of act as a force multiplier when I smoke real weed.

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