Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Repent, Doom Is Upon You

Prices Rise in Bacon Shortage


Look, I'm not a panic in the streets guy or anything, but if anyone sees a long haired hippie running out of a Wal-mart with a cheap Century AK, a sandwich board with "THE END IS NEAR" scrawled on it in pink crayon, and a panicked demeanor, well, its probably me.

I originally saw this in VFTP, but I decided I should only be this crazy and hyperbolic in my own blog, where at least people are expecting it.

I still feel sorry for that guy that searched for "Thoughts on Disneyworld" and ended up here. He's lucky I didn't discuss my Alice in Wonderland fantasies, and that is only because the Alice they had in the park just didn't look right. Not unattractive, not just right. Poor stupid fuck just wanted a review of Disneyworld and now will probably never go because he knows they let people like me in there-sometimes when we're "high on the reefer." Like now. Am I rambling? For Christ's sake somebody stop me.

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