Saturday, June 12, 2010

Threads from an Unraveling Tapestry

So you know when I talk about how I was going to have recurring sections of this blog that I repeated every once in awhile? Well this is another one, the only other one I've done of this type. I'm not prepared for it, but I saw one "We're all fucked" illustrating story I want to blurb on and I bet I can find two more without looking too hard. It's 7:54am and I just smoked a giant bowl and I have 36 minutes before I have to get Gracie up to eat breakfast. Let's mother fucking do this.

Telling Your Child About The Oil Spill - This one isn't so much about the oil spill as about the state of this nation's pigtail-whipped, oh-my-gawd-the-children parenting. What is funniest about this article is the wistful longing for a Ferngully type movie depicting the event-and then they headline with "Children Need the Straight Talk About the Oil Spill." I can see that shit now. The Slobbering BP Monster in grey and that god awful lime green sensually raping Mother Ocean and covering her in black oily muck while Barry O and his team of pixies work cleverly with the poor slime covered Seabirds to thwart it's terrible sodomizing Sludge Cock with a cap of Environmental Conciousness. This is the straight talk our children need. Fuck.

Rape Trees - With a tip of the tinfoil hat to my #2 heathen. (My number one heathen will always be this motherfucker) Damn, I'm stoned and kind of buzzing with the power of hyperlinking. What was I talking about? Ah. Keeping with the whole "Rape" theme that I applied for no real reason above, apparently there is evidence that coyotes are making it a point to create shrines to their constant gang rapes of the women who are attempting to cross illegally. To me it seems like insanity-marking their path clearly for all to see. But the MS in Indiana are getting more brazen too, and it wouldn't surprise me if the border has it ten times worse. I'm not 100% convinced, but I wouldn't be surprised. As I said in Parabarbarian's thread, the rape trophy is an ugly and primitive form of sympathetic magic. Rape has been tied to power and dominance over women for centuries, used as an institutionalized means to degrade them and keep them under control. And there is no doubt that institutionalized rape is going on for these women every day, as a savage means of ensuring their compliance, of expressing complete dehumanizing dominance.

To be honest, I don't know what the solution for the border is, unless it is perhaps to help Mexico become a place that people aren't so fucking desperate to escape. Or maybe, hey, stop making drugs so goddamn profitable that they can operate with impunity in a system so corrupt that money talks and ideals (IE BULLSHIT) walks.

Hm, that kind of dovetailed into it's own entry there, didn't it? Probably a subject deserving of more attention than I'm giving it. Kind of odd to hear a guy who makes gags about rape express such vehemence about those that perpetuate the act, but let me tell you-everything is funny if your head is bent enough. I have a friend who told me what I am sure was the first 9/11 joke. I'm sure it was because it was still smouldering.

I laughed until I cried.

Hm, might have just lost some friends there with that truth bomb. I love you guys!

No, fuck you. I'm cookin' breakfast.

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