Saturday, April 24, 2010

Content Fail

I realize that I haven't been posting anything but story updates in a long time. It has occupied a surprising portion of my writing time, aka my "slow night at work" time-which has been in short supply. But man, I've never seriously finished a book before and for some reason I am able to grind on it pretty quickly.

Life is slow here in Babylon, though I never run out of shit to do-or even get caught up on the shit I should be doing.

Gracie has my cellphone and is wandering up and down the hallway saying "Hello, flower? Hello, flower?" over and over. Those are two of her most clear words. It is perfect.

I just smoked a bowl and am watching the Super Mario Bros Super Show on netflix. It's a good combination. I think the theme song is my favorite part. I can't decide if they cut the zelda episode out but left the introduction in, or if I just accidentally hit the skip button on the xbox controller and missed it. The next episode will prove informative.

To make up for a lack of content, here's a Gracie.

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  1. I'm trying to play catch up with your story updates. I've been writing my ass off, and my free time is precious as well. But I am enjoying your story immensely and always look forward to the next part.

    Gracie is a real cutie, btw.