Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In Lieu of Actual Content ...

...I thought I'd explain the bits of e.e. cummings italicized text I always have laying about-in my signature, on my books and notebooks, and in my head. All of them are bits of song and poetry, particularly lyric bits that stick in my head for their relevance or their technical execution. I just thought that it might help explain the way my diseased mind works; I collect bits of interesting phrase like a lazy pothead magpie.

We'll start with the new one, since it is responsible for this blog entry and thus for whatever harm it is going to do in your brain. Sick fuck. I can see in there.

he's the one who likes all our pretty songs / and he likes to sing along / and he likes to shoot his gun
This one is Nirvana of course, and my favorite Nirvana song-In Bloom. I just like the way it rolls together in Kurt Cobain's rusty ass low whine.

and simply what dis means is / he didn't know that every dawg had his day / until he seen his
Ah, the song from "Office Space"-The Ghetto Boyz in "Still" a classic by any man's measure. I like the flow here too-one thing you will find about me is that I am obsessed with flow-but really I think this is a good summation of the human condition.

Speaking of the Human condition, or more accurately not speaking of it at all, this one's a triple from Clutch, who is my lyrical genius of choice. I like a lot of other bands, but Clutch consistently has the most sophisticated, complex offerings in both the lyrical and musical department. Point is: Buy Clutch records. Here we go.

The ribs of Adam, the eyes of Eve / the sons of Caine recieve / no reprieve ("Ghost")

rhibonucleic acid freak out - the power of prayer / long halls of science and all the lunatics committed there ("10001110101")

coulda been a swan on a glassy lake / coulda been a gull in a clipper's wake / coulda been a ladybug on a wind chime / but she was born a dragonfly ("Dragonfly")
All of these songs resonate with me for various reasons but mostly for their technical beauty and complexity. The last one, however, often makes me think of my daughter. And "Ghost is kind of a portal to my poorest years financially, being about the subject of dying in debt, one that I will probably be familiar with.

my big top tricks will always make you happy / but we all know the hat is wearing me / chicanery will always make you happy / but we all know the hat is wearing me
("Dope Hat")

This one's Marilyn Manson. You don't want to know anything else about this one. Really.

weave a circle round him thrice / and close your eyes with holy dread / for he on honey dew hath fed / and drunk the milk of paradise
"Kublai Kahn"

By one Samuel Taylor Coelridge, my man. A lot of his work, especially this poem and most especially these lines, speak to me as a bohemian psychadelic fuckup, most specifically my messianic delusions. You probably don't want to hear about those either; it will only make you uncomfortable that I have guns. P.S. I once wrote a sequel to this poem. Yes a sequel.
And how could I let anything here go without Monster Magnet. These are a few of my favorites. The first one I'm getting on my tombstone. Seriously. Assuming anyone I know can afford a tombstone for me.

shut me off cuz i go crazy / with this planet in my hands
("Dopes to Infinity")

i have seen beyond my gaze / and i have gazed beyond today / and their lust shall build a world / is what the prophets have to say
("All Friends and Kingdom Come")

tuesday's gone and you been huffin' on paint / and your punk rock band still sucks anyway / i was talkin' to jesus through a hole in the floor / he said our time is up, we can't stay any more no more
("See You In Hell")

and i was thinkin' how the world should've cried / on the day jack kirby died
Lastly here's one from a band that I hated for a long time but have finally come to accept as okay, mostly for this song. It is almost cliche, but this is another one of those human condition lyrics, something that encapsulates the essential joy and tragedy of human existence.

some will win, and some will lose / some are born to sing the blues / the movie never ends / it goes on and on and on....
("Don't Stop Believin'")

Well I hope I have provided some insight into my brain this way. As always, it is infested with a thousand pop culture cancers, like every other fucked up kid in our sad little generation. But hey-at least we had some laughs. Or something.

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