Sunday, October 25, 2009

Threads from an Unraveling Tapestry

This is probably going to be the only recurring section of my venture into blogdom. I'll use it to point out things that, in my view, are showing we are living in The End Times (and thats always capitalized) as well as things I just flat out disapprove of. I'll add some small commentary to each, since I hate blogs that just parrot news stories without creating any content.

The case of Melanie Hain, who learned too late the first rule of gunfighting (have a gun ON YOU) has the anti gun blogosphere short stroking into a frenzy, perching on the corpse like a vulture and dipping their greedy beaks into the story with glee, before the fuckin' body is even cold. Have we fallen so far as a nation that a bunch of pro feminists are applauding a domestic violence murder because it furthers their agenda? Also, this woman's husband was a police officer-and yet I don't hear anybody clamoring to disarm the police.

Teens recieve sentencing in Gang Rape case. Not that gang rape is a new thing-but reading some of the transcripts and listening to these sick fuck's parents make excuses for them (My poor child, he was abused, I was a junkie, he was born addicted to cocaine) is just ludicrous. Listen, the whole abused / neglected / disadvantaged childhood is an okay excuse if you get busted for a dime bag or get in a drunken barfight or some shit. But it doesn't really apply to sadistic gang bangs at gunpoint. To say nothing of all the whiners going "They have their whole lives ahead of them, don't put 'em away for LIIIIIIIFE!" Motherfuckers, I say a life sentence is pretty goddamn generous.

British scared shitless by Glass Bottles. The way things are going, our good friends across the pond are going to be running around with foam booties and retard helmets, and they'll saw all the corners off of Buckingham palace. I kind of want to make fun of them for it, but its kind of like laughing at a kid in a wheelchair after you push him down the stairs-more sad than funny. Well, okay, still kind of funny. Not that I would know.

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